Sunday, October 9, 2016


I've been silent with regards to the election process for a while now because each day it just gets crazier and crazier. The language, the lies, the continued repeating of the lies, and then there's the truth.

The truth that the man running for the job of president of this great country is, well, he's beyond description. The way he treats others is repugnant, whether you're a woman, disabled, or simply different from him. And let's be clear, everyone is different from him.

Then there's the treatment of Hillary Clinton. It's a sad reflection of the attitude that women are still second-class. If, and that's a huge if when it comes to the norm for our country where an election is won via sound bites that are devoid of any truth. 

To know a candidate, all it takes is a bit of research, but so few will do the work required. Instead, they rely on Facebook, outrageous online stories, and the famous if completely devoid of the truth – sound bite.

Learn about Hillary’s vision and the issues she’ll fight for as president.

Should I comment on the latest news regarding DJT? Honestly, it's too ridiculous! It's beyond sad for our country that such an individual as DJT, simply because he has money, continues to represent the basest of the base.

'Apprentice' producer: There are 'far worse' tapes of Trump 

He continues to spout his lies, repeating them over, and over again to the cheers of his supporters. It sickens the soul.

Am I disgusted with the lack of government action for the last eight years? Yes, more than I can even express.

Congress, which is made up of mostly old white men decided after the election in 2008 that they could not, would not, allow a black man to succeed in the job of President.

They've succeeded.

However, these folks need to go. We need to vote them out of office since we can't 'fire' them any other way. They are the ones who ruined our economy, destroyed any possibility of jobs, kept our infrastructure from being rebuilt and made health insurance barely workable. This Congress has held us at stop for eight years, not President Obama.

Respect used to be a given when it came to the President. Not anymore! These men, in that restaurant in Washington on that inauguration day changed that! They showed the new President zero respect, and it has snowballed!

In my opinion, he's one of the greatest Presidents we've ever seen or will ever see. My God, the man's patience, and humility are unbelievable! And he has, in his own way done more for our country than that group of sit on their hands (asses) do nothing Congress!

Our nation has made steps forward despite the lack of movement by these men. However, the truth is their attitude toward our President fueled the racism we now see. Including all the violence against the police, and the violence against our own population - it all started with that backroom meeting.


Was what he did treasonous?

 Instead of a trickle down economy, we got trickle down racism. These men decided not to support a black president, and that gave the rest of the country the right to do the same. It started with the Republicans, but Democrats climbed on board too, after all, many of them are just as racist. Racism is not partisan.

If these men had seen the greatness of this election for what it was. OMG – how different things could have been. If they had acted on all the positive, things President Obama wanted to achieve, again how different the world would have looked. Instead, they stopped all movement forward. Determined to destroy the man before he even started and all because he is black!

Shame! Shame! Shame!

This is a fact, never spoken, never ever voiced, even by all the talking heads, because accusing someone of being racist is bad manners. However, folks we are all racist. It's the way we were raised.

Can racism be overcome?

Of course, but it takes work.

It takes purpose, and it takes understanding.

Mostly it takes leadership. Something we had and have now squandered!

The fact is, all humans are racist, ALL!

But we also all have the ability to rise above it!



  1. I guess we will all have different views and opinions on the two candidates and admittedly I'm not a fan of Hillary Clinton. Sadly, Trump gets in his own way and doesn't even attempt to bring the issues back to the horrific things the Clinton campaign has said and done. Now, I'm just so sick of the entire campaign and this election that I just want it to be over so maybe, hopefully our country can begin to repair the damage caused by both sides and I pray we find a way back to some sort of civility. This has been the worst election of my life and I do believe in history.

    1. No, not the worst. But it may be the worst four years of all our lives if the wrong person is elected!


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