Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I've said before that the media made the monster. Donald Trump is the only candidate they're talking about, again. Every day he does something, says something that is so outrageous they just have to report on it. Don't they realize that if they stopped sharing his bully pulpit, the man would wither like the wicked witch when hit by a bucket of water?

Today I tuned in regularly to the news channels, and each time they were discussing and showing his latest rant or insult. 

It went on and on, and not once did I see a discussion about the other candidate you know the woman in the fight for our future – Hillary Clinton.

Unless the folks spouting the lies, are on Fox network. They love calling Hillary names and fill their day with outright lies and misrepresentations. These so-called reporters are the experts when it comes to insults and lies. The Fox network is where Trump cut his teeth and found his following.

But CNN and MSNBC is almost worse! The reason Donald Trump isn't running ads is that he doesn't have too! The news stations, all of them are a continuous ad for the folks who love this kind of rhetoric! They continuously analyze, over analyze, and question the man's motives. The same story on the different hourly shows. Ridiculous!

Trump's objective is simple. He's making headlines. It's his greatest asset. But these annoying and shockingly dull talking heads love hearing their own voice and spout useless opinions. They help spread the lies or even worse; they try to get a rise out of the opponent that's there to speak for the other side.

These aren't stupid people, but I do wonder. Are they just trying to safeguard their jobs? After all, a Trump presidency would guarantee constant coverage and more reasons to be a talking head as he destroys the U. S. and then the world!

Get a clue; your constant coverage made him who he is today; it's what feeds the beast. Sure, you need to report the antics, but don't show him, just read the facts and move on. Do some actual investigative work and show the individual plans for the economy, foreign affairs, job creation. What's the truth there? Cover the real differences between the two, but keep this monster off the airwaves. 

Quit making his points for him. 

Move on to real news!

Quit feeding the beast!


Tolerating evil leads only to more evil. And when good people stand by and do nothing while wickedness reigns, their communities will be consumed.

Bob Riley

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