Wednesday, July 27, 2016



Yesterday history was made when Hillary Clinton became the first female presidential candidate. Now being touted by the RNC as a negative. Because according to them if Hillary is empowering women, she's dissing the men. Oh, come on!

Today the RNC's candidate, Donald J Trump, is running scared, but he's doing it with power. The power of the press! His antics are what they are discussing, and he's making the headlines! He's a real pro!

CNN is now discussing Donald Trump and his latest press conference. Giving this man the bully pulpit, he desires. The worst part is that they are so desperate for their own airtime that they act as though they don't know what he's doing. He's using the media, the press to play his sound bites – to give him the FREE television time he desires and doesn't have to buy! His words are taken as more important by the rank and file if the news organizations are discussing what DJT is saying.

Right now he is grabbing headlines to discredit or disrupt the DNC – which is fair – but for the press to repeat his words gives them credence, even when they are considered treasonous! Just once I'd love to have them discuss his motivations, ignorance, and outright cruelty for what it is. Defining it as anti-political correctness is an excuse to keep the discussion going.

The press made Donald J. Trump, who he is today. 

Comedians begged him to run, then invited him to appear on their shows. DJT took it to heart and used those opportunities to propel himself forward. Each time he said something outrageous, insulting, even horrific – his words were repeated on all the news shows. His argumentative stances made headlines – not his policies – because he doesn't have any! If he made fun of the other candidates, the press followed suit. Everyone was a joke. Especially DJT, and for a while it was fun to laugh at the comedy that was the election process, but that joke is now the Republican Candidate for President.

The joke will be on all of us if he wins!

The prospect is real and the man, while an idiot, is a brilliant idiot! He knows exactly what he is doing! Today I watched a group of millennials here in my state praise him. They think his actions and words are a 'fresh' way to look at the world.

DJT is a dangerous man, a blowhard who downgrades everyone who isn't in his camp. For the voters to assume he can't possibly win the Presidency is even more frightening.

Please don't give into apathy because that is exactly how he will win!

If you don't vote – he's already won!

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