Thursday, June 9, 2016


We finally have a woman as a Presidential candidate. Yes, I am celebrating!
I am thrilled and inspired. It's about time! I love the idea, but more importantly, I love the implications. 

For the first time since the year 2000, I feel, as though we might actually turn this ship around. Then a warmonger was elected, twice, and we've all paid a hefty price.

In 2008, the election of President Obama gave us all hope. Then we learned of a vow made by Mitch McConnell and his Republican cronies to keep Obama from reaching his objectives. This gave us the Do Nothing Congress, and left us all a bit shell shocked! (BTW, I hold the Democrats to task for that too. Racism prevented them from supporting him his entire first term.) Shame, shame, shame!

Now, and despite, DT, the idiot running against Secretary Clinton, I think this is our chance to turn not only our government in the right direction but all of humanity. I see hope for the world. However, I also know there's still a journey ahead! I'm ready to do my part, are you?

Silence gives voice to evil. 

Please stand and be heard!

Please vote in November! 

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