Tuesday, June 21, 2016


It's time for some of our politicians to make another run for office. The one in my state is Pat Toomey. He's been running a commercial touting his support for a bill that pushed for background checks on anyone who works with children. Wonderful idea!
But when it comes to background checks or limits on semi-automatic gun ownership, Toomey is against any and all laws citing the 2nd amendment.

He's not the only one owned by the NRA. Most of congress is. How do we know this? Because even though a percentage of 72% or more of Americans want gun laws that protect - Congress only votes to please the NRA.

The Do Nothing Congress is not representing the citizens of the United States they are only representing their pocket books.

The sad fact is that our children will pay the ultimate price. They already are!

"We all know that violence creates and sustains more violence – sociologists and public health experts now have overwhelming evidence for that conclusion. This unending cycle of violence and revenge has plagued young people, especially young males, for much of recorded history. Scientists and researchers understand that violent death and injury rates among children and youth remain highest in places where resolving conflicts through violent means becomes the accepted norm in society. Where war or violent social unrest or gang conflict exists, children learn that adults typically settle their differences with guns and bombs – which makes those children more likely to settle their own differences in similarly violent ways." Taken from a Baha'i article about protecting our children.

When will The Do Nothing Congress honor their pledge to the people of the United States?
When will money stop being the only influence in Washington?
Maybe when term limits are the rule?

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